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As part of our commitment to providing a blue collar white glove experience, we’ve curated a collection of helpful blog articles that cover topics from roofing to repairs to renovations. Browse the collection below to get answers to all of your home improvement questions.

How a Gutter Failure Could Lead To Water In Your Basement

Making sure your gutter problem doesn’t cause a basement problem.

Have you noticed water seeping into your basement, even after a light rain? This could be due to clogged or poorly installed gutters. ‍Gutters play an important role in directing rainwater away from your home's foundation. However, if they are not functioning properly, water can pool near the foundation, seep into the ground, and ultimately make its way into your basement.‍
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What To Expect During Your Bathroom Remodel

Eliminate the stress by being prepared.

If you're planning to remodel your bathroom, it's important to know what to expect during the process. Bathroom remodeling can be an exciting project, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful if you don't have a clear idea of what's involved. ‍This article walks through 5 key stages of bathroom remodels so you can be better prepared and have a more relaxing and enjoyable experience. 
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Are Pole Barns a Good Investment?

5 key benefits of adding a pole barn on your property.

If you're in need of extra storage or workspace on your property, you may be considering building a pole barn. A pole barn is a type of building that uses poles or posts to support the roof and walls, instead of traditional framing. While they were originally used for agricultural purposes, pole barns have become popular for a variety of uses, including storage, workshops, garages, and even homes. Below are a five reasons why you may want to consider building a pole barn on your property.
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How To Submit an Insurance Claim for Roof Damage

Is my roof covered by my homeowner’s policy?

Submitting an insurance claim for a new roof can be a daunting process, but it is an important step to take when your roof has been damaged due to a covered event. Whether it was caused by severe weather, fallen trees, or other unforeseen circumstances, you need to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible to start the process of getting your roof repaired or replaced. 
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6 Reasons To Choose An Owens Corning Roof

In the market for a new roof? Here’s what to look for.

Owens Corning is a leading manufacturer of roofing materials, including shingles. If you're in the market for a new roof, you may be wondering why you should consider Owens Corning shingles. Here are some reasons why Owens Corning shingles may be the right choice for your home.
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How to Spot Roof Damage After a Storm

Storm damage? Hail no!

After a severe storm, it's important to check your roof for damage. Even if you can't see any obvious signs of damage from the ground, there could still be hidden issues that could lead to leaks and other problems down the line. Here are some tips on how to spot roof damage after a storm...
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