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Brand Guidelines

This page contains files and usage guidelines for the logo, colors, and fonts used throughout the Cost Saver brand.

All logo, color, and font files can be found in the Brand Shared Drive in Google Drive.

A picture of the Cost Saver team in blue, branded hoodies


The Cost Saver Logo is the most identifiable and sacred brand asset.

It represents our company online, in print materials, on van wraps, and on every other touchpoint.

In order to present a coherent brand to our audience, it is crucial that the logo always be presented consistently.

Never change or edit the logo in any way without the approval of the design team. This includes adding outlines, adding drop shadows, changing the color, skewing, or any other modification.

When adding the logo to a design, do not crowd it with other design elements. Give it some "room to breathe" by making sure there is space around it and that it is not touching any other design elements.

If using the dark version of the logo, use a light background.
If using the light version of the logo, use a dark background.
If using the blue (primary) version of the logo, use a light background.


Below is the list of of approved colors for the Cost Saver brand and their usage guidelines.

In most scenarios, designs should be made using these colors.

If a design needs to be made with other colors, make sure the other colors do not clash with any of the brand colors below.


Below is the list of fonts for the Cost Saver Brand.

In most cases, use Neogrotesk Pro as your font.

Use Proxima Nova for formal documents, long-form content, and anywhere that you can't use Neogrotesk Pro.

Use the Bold font weights for headings, titles, subtitles, etc.

Use the Regular/Light font weights for paragraphs and most other text content.

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